Worldwide Safaris specializes in outdoor travel consulting and is a video production company dedicated to sharing and protecting our outdoor heritage for future generations.
For the vast majority of man’s existence on Earth, he has been a hunter. Over the years, hunters have evolved from hunting for survival to hunting for sport, an evolution that has brought to the forefront the ethics of hunting, and the beneficial role hunting plays in the conservation of wildlife. Worldwide Safaris’ passion for the traditions and heritage of hunting and fishing is being shared and validated by sportsmen and women around the globe. In an effort to ensure the legacy of our outdoor heritage for future generations, we encourage hunting by fair chase, and will lead by example by taking a a responsible role in wildlife conservation. Worldwide Safaris presents and maintains a positive image for sportsmen through consistent ethical values and conduct, a deep respect for wildlife, natural resources and people, and through its contributions to the protection of our outdoor heritage.
A hunter loves wildlife and therefore naturally stays true to the responsibility of wildlife conservation. As the world continues to change at a shocking pace, human encroachment places enormous pressure on wildlife. It is apparent that the only way to save wildlife is to protect it. To accomplish that today, the economic value of wildlife must be established and maintained. Hunting provides this economic value for wildlife. Revenues from regulated hunting finance a significant portion of the costs to manage and protect each species. Anti-poaching efforts are funded almost exclusively by hunters who pay anti-poaching fees, license fees, and government fees, in order to ensure that these precious resources are abundant for years to come. Without hunting, wildlife and wild places will continue to disappear at an alarming pace, far faster than without its benefit. Hunting is the key conservation tool that will ultimately help save wildlife and its habitat across the globe.